Company SES was founded in 2017 to develop and sell a solution called SES which stands for Service Execution System. The company’s specialists carry out the deployment, configuration and further development of the service. Assistance in implementing the service to clients is provided by consultants from GSV company, which is a consulting partner of SES.

The Service Execution System is a Russian on-line service that combines:

  • Convenient online store for self-order goods and services by end users;
  • Service for processing any messages received via various channels (e-mail, instant messengers);
  • Asset management service throughout their life cycle from purchase to disposal;
  • Experience of GSV specialists in advising in terms of management processes based on well-known international standards (CobiT, ITIL, ISO);
  • Integration with monitoring systems of various equipment, operating systems or applicationsoftware.

SES service:

  • Solution developed by SES and GSV companies;
  • Being registered in the Register of the Russian software;
  • The ideas behind the solution combine the vast experience of GSV Company’s specialists (since 2001) and best global management practices;